Great War Aerodrome has been awarded National Museum Accreditation

Great  War  Aerodrome  has  been  awarded  National  Museum  Accreditation


Administered by Arts Council England on behalf of the UK Accreditation Partnership, Accreditation is the benchmark for well-run Museums and Galleries.

It means that Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome is properly managed and governed to the nationally agreed industry standard and shows the museum takes proper care of its collections, sharing them with visitors and keeping them safe for future generations.

Accreditation opens up exciting funding opportunities, allows museums to host touring exhibitions and gives access to professional advice and support. It also gives confidence to donors and sponsors who may wish to support the museum in preserving heritage and inspiring future generations.

Accreditation covers museums of all types and sizes - from the smallest volunteer-run museums to national museums – and more than 1,700 museums are currently taking part in the scheme across the UK.

More information about the Accreditation scheme can be found here.

CEO Ian Flint, said: This is a wonderful endorsement of all of the hard work of the Museum team. We’re so grateful! It’s a great step forward in our journey to make our much-loved project part of the national heritage landscape.

 Liz Johnson, Director Museums and Cultural Property at Arts Council England said: "We’re delighted that Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome has been successful in gaining their Accreditation status. This means that their Collections will be looked after and maintained offering inspiration, enjoyment and learning for the local community and visitors to enjoy now and in the future.

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