Directions by Air

Please note: During or after periods of heavy or prolonged rainfall, PPR may be declined due to ground conditions.

Important: Non-PPR approaches will be denied a landing

Arriving at Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome By Air (PDF)

We are very happy to welcome responsible pilots to our historic Aerodrome.

We are now open to visiting aircraft during regular opening Friday - Sunday (or by arrangement) 0800-2000 or SS whichever is earlier.

We are able to accept fixed-wing, single-engined craft only. We are unable to accept twin-engined, rotary, flex-wing or gyrocoptic aircraft due to our planning restrictions.

PPR must be obtained by the pilot, personally, as there will be a minimal briefing before PPR is granted.

To obtain PPR please text/call 07944 292432 between 0800-1700 hrs Monday to Friday or email

Requests for PPR by text, phone and email outside of this time will not be dealt with and therefore landing cannot be guaranteed.


All aircraft will be charged £15 each to land. This will gain the Pilot and all passengers access to the Airmen's Mess Café and the Shop (a 'Pink Wristband' admission). To access the full site, each person must pay admission charges full Admission (a 'Green Wristband') which grants escorted access to our Hangars, access to all of our award-winning exhibitions AND a guided tour. Last Admission for full access is 1500hrs Local.

PLEASE NOTE: At Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome we are committed to maintaining good relationships with our neighbours. These relationships rely on our visiting pilots being as careful as they can in following instructions. It is VITAL, for the benefit of our neighbours, that you contact us in advance of your landing and follow these instructions. Inappropriately overflying local residences will be dealt with severely.

  • Runways: 02/20 , 640m x 60m, Grass.
  • Determine runway in use from windsocks.
  • Airfield elevation 185 feet.
  • Contact Southend Radar on 130.780 with 10 miles to run.
  • Change to Stow Maries Radio 118.980 with 2 miles to run.
  • Make blind "traffic" calls if no reply.
  • Join overhead at 1200ft QFE (AGL)
  • No deadside, do NOT fly to East of airfield, all circuits to the west.
  • Left hand on 02, right hand on 20.
  • Circuit height 800 ft QFE.
  • Park outside Pilots Ready Room (marked with "C"), book in.
  • Co-ordinates: N5140.23 E00037.58
  • Runway 15/33 - 550 metres by 40 metres. Only available with specific written or SMS permission.
  • Arrival note - Runway 02 - it is vital that you avoid nearby Wellinditch Farm. This is particularly important. If this is not mentioned during your briefing, please ask for details.
  • Departure procedure - Runway 20 - After departure, turn right 20 degrees of centre line as soon as safe and practicable


Please note: For pilots - the following applies:

  • The Aerodrome operates within London Southend Airport's (LSA) Controlled Airspace - Southend Radar 130.780
  • London Southend Airport Controlled Airspace (CAS) Safety Information Notice and Operating Procedures for the "Stow Maries Box".



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