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Talks at Stow Maries

The team at Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome offers a visitor experience to this historic site.

  • Through a talk and film screening, those visiting will learn about the history of the aerodrome, why it came to be built and its purpose during WW1, along with the history of the personnel who lived and worked here.
  • The aerodrome is now a conservation site and the talk will explain how the conservation programme will be carried out to meet its end objectives. 

If you would like further information including prices, please complete our booking form, call  01245 429134 or email to discuss your requirements.

External talks

The team at the Stow Maries also offer external talks, whereby a group or organisation can book an external speaker for a talk at a chosen venue.

Currently there are two talks available:

Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome – its place in history

This presentation talks about why the aerodrome was built, its role in the Great War, some of the personalities involved and what its role is today.

The Air War Over Essex 1915 – 1918

A non technical look at how Essex was affected by the bombing campaign of 1915 – 1918 and the way the authorities tried to combat this new form of warfare.

To request a booking for either of these talks please complete the talks booking form.