BE2 in flight


WW1 afternoon and night photo shoot

  • Sopwith Snipe - photograph by Nick Walch

  • Bristol Scout 1264 photograph by Nick Walch

  • Member of The Great War Society - photograph by Nick Walch


Around 100 photographers descended upon Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome for an afternoon, sunset and night photo shoot. 

The photographers were able to capture replicas of a Royal Aircraft Factory BE2, an Albatros DVa, Sopwith Snipe and a Bristol Scout, with re-enactors from The Great War Society playing their parts, making for some fantastic images. 

Nick Walch, of Nick Walch Aviation, who was at the event produced a blog in which he said:

"Before the event was announced Stow Maries wasn’t a place I had heard of but its idyllic location and unspoiled backdrops makes this a fantastic place for an aircraft shoot and having four vintage aircraft to shoot at the same time meant there wasn’t a clamour for the best angle as can sometimes happen.

"An extremely well run and enjoyable event that has to rank very highly against similar events I’ve attended.

The museum was only opened a few months previous but a full calendar of events is planned for this year so I would encourage anyone with an interest in Great War aviation to pay it a visit."

Visit Nick's website to read the rest of his blog detailing his experience at Stow Maries. 

Nick has kindly provided some of the photographs he captured, which can be found in our gallery.

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