BE2 in flight


ADS Regional Rocket Final 3rd April 2019


The day started cold and overcast, but the volunteers had made most of the preparations the day before
so the white hangar and RE Workshop were ready for the estimated 39 teams to arrive.

We had a briefing at 09h00 in the Dope Room, and it was good to see support from our own volunteers, Ken Harmer, Graham Inskip, Roger Barrett, Fred Smith, Ian Richmond and John Thacker.

The first teams arrived at 09h30, all keen to go and so the day started!

Teams were sent to either the RE Workshop or the white hangar, where the pupils have to do all the necessary work without the help of their teachers.

The first teams were ready to launch at around 10h30 and were allowed through the gate on to the launch area once cleared by the range office, Phil, and briefed by Ian on the procedures.

Without running through team by team the day progressed at a steady rate, with lots of launches- some good, some not so good- but with the pupils really engaged and excited by the prospect of seeing how their hard work would be rewarded. With the help of all the staff on the ground, and support from Lockheed Martin volunteers the launch area ran smoothly with very few misfires or delays. I had the task of photographing some of the action as well as filming it with my drone, as per usual.

As the day ran so smoothly it was all over by 15h30.

I would like to end by thanking ALL the volunteers that helped, both on the day and very much so the day before. It was short notice set up time as we had to be sure the weather was good enough for the day to goahead. I know the kids all enjoyed it, and so did I.

Tamsin Thorn of ADS would like to thank all of us at Stow for the great support and help they receive for the very important competition.

Until next year........ Denis Stretton - Stow Maries Air Ops Manager

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