BE2 in flight


STO-Kers Saturday 3 June 2017


Last Saturday, being the first in the month saw 18 youngsters aged between 6 and 14 attend STO-Kers at 10am, to take part with their parents and minders in a range of activities.

After a general introduction and safety talk in the Airmens Mess the ‘newbies’ went to the Dope Workshop where they had a talk by Ian the Plane on basic aeronautics followed by a short walk in the white hanger to see planes for real. They then made chip cone rockets for launching in the afternoon and paper planes of varying design. Throughout the morning Roger the Boomerang made ‘bendy sticks’ for which they had drawn outlines on board.

Complimenting these projects in the Dope Workshop were various and more advanced activities for returning Stokers such as 3D printing of name tags by 3D Ian and 3D Ben, basic computer programming by Penny, constructing working model hovercraft by Ian the Plane all ably assisted by Paul.

After lunch in the café boomerangs were thrown and rockets launched on the parade ground, which included the launch of a 3D printed rocket by 3D Ian. A feature of the day was being careful not to be run over by excited youngsters going hell for leather in pedal planes outside the RE Workshop!

None of these activities could have been possible were it not for the unstinting and enthusiastic support of our volunteers, guides, Pat, June and Wanda in the café, not of course forgetting the Twins and Terry in the shop who shepherded the arrivals. So all in all one of our best days with very positive feedback for the future.

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