BE2 in flight


Message from CEO, Ian Flint


On behalf of everyone at the aerodrome, I would like to thank you all for the amazing support you gave to our event yesterday. All the volunteers and exhibitors worked so hard to make sure everyone had a great day, and the commitment stayed on until 9pm clearing up the site. We did have to turn a number of people away and for this we are very sorry. It is very important that we stay within our restricted numbers on site and thank you to all those who have been so understanding. As soon as we reached our capacity (advanced & door sales) we posted on Facebook and our website. Our capacity for exhibiting vehicles was reached over a week ago, however a number of enthusiasts did attend ad-hoc, without booking and unfortunately had to be turned away. Traders and Exhibitors all need to be booked in advance through our events team – this allows us to have a better understanding of how many visitors we can let in. Going forward we will be looking at how we can resolve the capacity issues.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, yours Ian Flint CEO

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