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Sir Geoffrey De Havilland talk by Stephen Bohill-Smith

Stephen Bohill=Smith


On 22 October Stephen Bohill-Smith hosted a talk in the Airmen's Mess about Sir Geoffrey De Havilland.

Stephen Bohill-Smith is an experienced airline and display pilot who has flown numerous aircraft types over a long career in aviation. These include the DH 121 Trident, HS146 and BAC One-eleven in Europe, the HS748 turboprop and the supersonic Concorde. Also the Douglas DC-10, and Boeing 757, 767, and the 747-400 worldwide.

He also flies the DH82 Tiger Moth with the Tiger Nine Display Team and has flown many other De Havilland types including the DH60 Moth, DH83 Fox Moth, the DH87 Hornet Moth, DH89 Dragon Rapide and DH Dove twin engine mini airliners.


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