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BBC article: WWI airfield Stow Maries to be restored


A BBC article and video about the restoration of Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome. The original article can be found by clicking here

WWI airfield Stow Maries to be restored

The UK’s last intact World War I airfield is to be completely restored, thanks to a campaign by a group of volunteers.

During the war, Stow Maries was a base for the fledgling Royal Flying Corps, flying their early biplanes against German Zeppelins which were on bombing missions over London.

Stow Maries closed in 1919 and remained hidden, forgotten and overgrown until 2008, when a group of enthusiasts rediscovered the airfield, and began a campaign to save it.

The plan is to restore many of the buildings to their wartime condition, and to open a museum commemorating the men who flew here.

It will also host workshops, teaching the old skills of aircraft construction.

Russell Savory from the Stow Maries Trust showed Robert Hall around the site in a video.

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