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Life At Stow! By CEO Ian Flint

Life at Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome traditionally moves like the clouds that our aircraft fly in – some times it's thick with activity, hectic and busy. Other times, it can be quieter, more reflective, clear of distraction. As we ease ourselves into the Winter Opening Times on Monday 28th October (Friday, Saturday & Sundays), we might expect there to be one of those gentle times coming up. As the Autumnal winds and cascading golden leaves envelope our newly opened Office Building (renovated with funding from RCCE and the hard work of our stalwart volunteers Volunteering we should be able to take a breath.

No such luck!

It's as busy as ever!

Firstly – Blacksmiths. Our wonderful Blacksmith, Peter Trick, is working with us to deliver some brilliant experiences at our Historic Hammerings courses across November - Events . It’s a pretty emotional thing for us here, to see the Forge working, crafting the material and using the skills that were so common in that very building, back in the day. If you hurry, there are still places left, but understandably the take-up for the offer has been rather high!

Next up – Retail. I’ve been working with Terry, Jane and Lynn on revamping our shop. The Shop is such an important part of our visitor experience. The first face most visitors see will be in there, welcoming, orientating, explaining. It's where you can pick up a bargain, a nostalgic treat or an informative book. We have book signings, regularly, you know! You don’t even need to pay admission to use it – or the Mess Café. Anyway, we’re revamping it. New décor, input from the Curatorial team, E-flight (got them building fittings!) and its going to be brilliant. We need enthusiastic volunteers to help and staff it though. Can you help? They’re a great bunch, and it's good fun! Get in touch if you fancy it. Full training supplied! Email

I met this week, with some of the Wildlife flight of our Curatorial team. Our site is home to a dizzying array of wildlife – flora and fauna that is both rare and beautiful. As some of you know, it's somewhat of a haven for Owls, kestrels and other Raptors. But aside from the big ones, we have a myriad of other smaller species, from the Nuthatch to the warblers. A Naturalists dream, and a photographers paradise. Well, the guys and girls have been doing all manner of research and preparations and we’re looking to launch something in the near future. As always, we need your help to do it. Fancy working with the team? Leading walks and tours? Setting up and working in Hides? Maybe helping with the environmental conservation? We can’t go much further without some more bodies to help!

Some other big news. We’re very excited to say we are putting the final touches to our very own…ESCAPE ROOM!!! Yes, the popular puzzle experience is coming to Stow. Were you a fan of Crystal Maze? Do you enjoy crosswords, puzzles, brain-teasers? Well, watch this space. You won’t get this one anywhere else. Its bespoke for us, and it's going to be AMAZING!!

When you consider all of the above, then add on preparing for Christmas Events, planning new visiting exhibitions (A quick hint…Bonjour, mes amis!!??), working on finalising the new Sto-KERS offering, raising funding for our Educational partners…'s safe to say that the ‘quiet time’ is anything but!!!

If you can help with any of the things I have mentioned – please get in touch. Without our community, our supporters, our volunteers….the skies become very cloudy, very quickly.


Talk soon.


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