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Busy! Busy! Busy! - By Chief Executive Ian Flint

“As always, this time of year at Stow Maries is very busy indeed – in front of the curtain and behind it! We have had some great successes, so all the hard work is proving worth it. Where to start?

I have to begin with the wonderful news that you may have seen already – we have been awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Volunteering (Queens Award). This is, essentially, the ‘MBE’ for Volunteer organisations. We had a very proud visit to Buckingham Palace, and later in the year will receive a presentation at the Aerodrome from the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Mrs Jenny Tolhurst. We’ll get a certificate and a trophy. We’re so proud! Big thanks to everyone that has put so much hard work in to the site and its activities.

Next up? We had the most successful event at Stow Maries EVER on 19th May. The weather held, so our venerable aircraft could fly, as well as lots of guests who brought their own. The BBQ was delicious, the bar ran dry and the exhibitions were teaming with life. We had over 100 classic cars and motorcycles on site and it was brilliant! I can’t thank everyone that came personally – but I hope the visitors, exhibitors, volunteers and staff all realise how grateful I am for their hard work.

Coming up we have Armed Forces Day, the soaring sounds of Stow Proms, then the mighty Stow Maries at War. Have a look at Events and get your tickets soonest. Remember – Wings and Wheels sold out in just over 6 weeks!!!!

In other news, we are galloping towards becoming an accredited museum, and that’s a whole lot of work being done by our curatorial team – led by Steve (Curator), Doug (Asst Curator) Brad (Accreditation Lead), Trevor (Research) and JT (Objects and Collections). Thanks guys! We couldn’t do it without you!

We’re also talking to the RAF Museum. Watch this space for interesting developments.

One thing we do need, though, is MORE VOLUNTEERS! We are desperate for help in the Mess, particularly. Can you help? Check out Volunteering

Right – I need to crack on. Talk soon! “

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