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Lead Up to Spring Opening - By CEO Ian Flint

As usual, it’s a really busy time at Stow Maries. One would think that we would be quiet, as we don’t open to the public until 15th February – but actually, its quite the opposite! We are working on so many things!

Our Mess and Shop have both been redecorated, the floors polished (by hand, in some cases!) and thoroughly cleaned. We’ve done some essential DIY in the Mess kitchens, and completely moved the shop around. Our retail team has found some great new suppliers, and even stocked some volunteer-made creations – wooden tool-trays based on the Great War era!

The Air Ops team has been digging deep to fill the display cards for our two major flying events. Lots of great things to report there, and if the weather holds we’re going to see some amazing stuff!

What about the Curatorial team though? Well, we have a new Curator – Mr Steve Morley. He’s doing great work, and as he is fresh from running our team of very popular guides, he is ideally suited to take us forward. Steve is working on a raft of things, from our overall strategy to the planning for our Collections care. Poor chap hasn’t had a chance to take a breath. Alongside this, we’re growing closer and closer to getting Building 30 – the ex-Senior NCO’s accommodation building – back into use. Funded largely by the excellent LEADER program, administered by the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE), we’ll be moving in soon. When I say move in, for the first time, all of our management team – Curatorial, Finance, Events, Marketing, Volunteering – will be in one place. This will be a brilliant step and make life much easier for everyone.

The Events team, incidentally, have already launched a number of the events. Have a look at link for more information. What's On!

Anyway. Time is getting on – we open on Friday, and there is still lots to be done. If you want to help, contact us at Volunteers See you soon!

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